DSPM-20ATD Laser Cutting Screw Air Compressor




Product desciption
With the development of science and technology, more and more metal machining enterprises choose to use laser cutting machine, the use of laser cutting machine must be equipped with high quality, high pressure, low water vapor air compressor. For this reason, Desran compressor specially customized 16 bar combined permanent magnet variable frequency screw compressor for laser cutting machine. It integrates permanent magnet variable frequency screw compressor, air dryer, air tank and high efficiency filter, which can directly output high-quality 16 bar compressed air and perfectly cooperate with laser cutting machine.

Main advantages:

◆ 16 bar pressure discharge, ensure efficient operation of laser cutting machine
◆ Combination design, save factory space
◆ No need for installation, just plug and Run
◆ High performance screw airend with high energy efficiency permanent magnet frequency conversion motor, energy saving and environmental protection
◆ Special made air dryer and filter, ensuring Low moisture and Low Oil content air delivery, protecting the laser Lens
◆ Equipped with high efficiency filter, reduce the oil content of compressed air, extend the life of laser head lens

Technical parameters of Laser cutting combined PM motor VSD screw air compressor

Technical parameters of Laser cutting PM motor VSD screw air compressor

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