DSPM-30A Permanent Magnet VSD Screw Compressor




Product desciption
PM motor drive, higher efficiency
Adopt high efficiency PM motor

High efficiency: with higher power factor, bigger inertia ratio, lower rotor currentand without the excitation loss, Desran PM motor improves the efficiency for 5%-12%.With direct connection, the efficiency can be improved another 3%, in low load mode, the efficiency of PM VSD compressor is 15% to 35% higher than that of standard screw air compressor. PM VSD compressor can keep the high efficiency no matter it is low load or heavy load. Right now, the Desran PM VSD compressor can reach the first Tier energy efficiency standards in China.
■ When not fully loaded, still efficient: When working in full load, PM motor is about 9% more energy saving than normal asychronous motor. With load percentage decreases, the energy efficiency of PM motorcanc stay the same whilte for asychronous motor, the energy efficiency would decreases significantlyeven to 50%.
■ Stable: PM motor react more faster than normal motor with fluctuating air delivery demand,ensuring precise air delivery and best energy saving.

PM VSD control is more energy saving

With VSD control, the air supply from compressor and air consumption can be perfectly matched, which totally avoids power loss when discharging;
The current surge and torque strike can be avoided by VSD non-load starter under the alternating air consumption. Therefore, the unit can start and stop infinitely. Really achieve 0 ~ 100% stepless speed change, maximum control useless function generation; With 2 bar output pressure control, the systemcan save 14% regarding energy consumption.

Technical parameters of of PM VSD screw air compressor

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